Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24 hours notice for all cancellations (voice mail or message is required) or the full appointment fee will be charged. Advance notice allows us to accommodate other patients from our waitlist. Thank you for your cooperation!

Therapy Rate Change Notification

Please note: Our Occupational Therapy, Recreation Therapy, and Rehabilitation Assistant (Behavioral Interventionist) rates will be increasing effective Apr 1, 2019. Please contact the Admin team for more details at

Policies: Reports, Letters, Fees and Scheduling

  • If you would like to change the day of the week or time of a session, it is recommended that you provide us with 5- 6 weeks notice for this request. This request requires advance approval from the Clinical Director and regretfully, not all requests for a change of time or date can be accommodated.

  • If you would like to use a funding source to pay for OT services, such as Autism Funding, then please notify the Clinic Director at the initial session at the clinic, in person. The Request to Pay Service Provider form must be filled out at the first session with the Clinical Director, prior to commencing OT services with our clinic, if families would like services to be billed to this funding source. (If funding is obtained after the initial session, the family must book an appointment to fill out the paperwork, in person, with the Clinical Director, a minimum of 3 weeks in advance, to commence use of this funding source.)

  • Families using Autism Funding are responsible for keeping track of the amount allocated to the Enable OT team and being utilized by the Enable OT team. If a family exceeds the amount allocated to the Enable OT team, then they are required to make an amendment via phone or online on the parent portal (within 48 hours of notification) to cover the outstanding costs or they will be responsible for paying the remainder of the costs, privately.

  • Report writing cost or Letters of Justification cost: OT hourly rate (a minimum of 3 weeks notice is required for reports). Please note: no requests for Letters of Justification will be processed during June - September, generally, as most of our OT’s are on vacation during this time .

  • Requests for “Letter of Justification for Equipment (JFE)” require advance approval from the Clinical Director and supervising Therapists. A minimum of 3 weeks notice is required for all Letter of Justification for Equipment requests. (Please note: these requests for Letters of Justification are a request only. Our Therapists are not obligated to perform this request.)

  • Reports are released to families after payment has been made in full for the cost of report writing.

  • Client requests for records or files may take up to 30 days to process

  • Fees are charged for photocopying/reproducing and retrieving client files to a maximum of $130

  • Fees are charged for teleconferences with schools, funding sources, and other health care providers

  • For households with more than one child being seen by the same Therapist, 72 hours (3 business days, Monday through Friday) notice is required if the family wishes to switch which child is receiving treatment at the upcoming appointment

  • A formal Discharge document may be provided to the family to sign to acknowledge termination of services from our clinic. This document may provide a summary of dates of service and amounts that have been invoiced to date. Parents may be required to sign this before final Therapist reports are released from the Enable OT clinic.