Clinic Therapy Team 

The therapy team includes Physical Therapists, Rehabilitation Assistants, and Kinesiologists. Learn more about the team and their specializations here! 



Shanice is a dual certified OTA (Occupational Therapy Assistant) and PTA (Physiotherapy Assistant). Although Shanice is a recent graduate, she has chosen to continue her studies and pursue higher level training! Shanice enjoys helping others in any way that she can, and uses her creativity to do so in various settings.

Shanice loves staying active and fit. In her spare time, she is usually engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking. Fun facts about Shanice: She grew up on a farm, is the second oldest of five children, and is Italian-Caribbean.

Degrees and certifications:
Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physiotherapy Assistant (CDI College, 2017, Honours)
AED (automated external defibrillator) trained

EOT Compacta.jpg

Robbie Pandher

Robbie is a certified Rehabilitation Assistant (RA) that graduated from CDI College in October of 2017. Robbie has completed 500 hours of practicum experience in both Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Robbie enjoys helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. Prior to working with Enable Occupation Therapy, Robbie volunteered coaching a minor ball hockey team and at Science World, as well.

In his spare time, Robbie loves to watch and play sports, especially hockey.  He enjoys going to the gym and spending time with friends and family. Fun facts about Robbie: He was born in Toronto, is left- handed, and can speak Punjabi.

Degrees and certifications: 
Rehabilitation Assistant (CDI College, October, 2017)
Standard First Aid


Estefani Osorio Terrazas

Estefani is a Registered Kinesiologist (B.Kin) and certified yoga instructor. She specializes in adapted yoga. 

Born in Venezuela, Estefani lived in Egypt before coming to Canada in 2010. Estefani loves hiking and dancing. She is very passionate about yoga, living a sustainable life and having long meaningful talks (with hot chocolate). 

Degrees and certifications:
Bachelor's of Kinesiology (UBC, 2014)
Semperviva Yoga instructor (2016)
First Aid 

Estefani speaks fluent Spanish, conversational French, and beginner level Arabic. 


Mark Salgado

Mark is a Registered Kinesiologist. He is pursing advanced courses related to Kinesiology and nutrition. Mark is passionate about making people better and leaving the world a better place than it was yesterday. 

Outside his career, Mark is an active member of the Facebook group Multi Grind Club (where you have to complete the Grouse Grind at least twice in one visit to qualify!). His record is completing the course 51 times over a 5 week period to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research. Mark enjoys spending time with friends and family here in BC and in the Philippines. 

Degrees and certifications: 
Bachelor's of Kinesiology (B.Kin, 2009)
Neuro Kinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 3
Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) Level 1 (in process)
Precision Nutrition (in process)
Advanced Muscle Testing and Palpation (in process)
First Aid

Mark speaks fluent Tagalog. 

Denise 1.JPG

Denise Cheung

Denise is our Administrative Assistant at Enable Occupational Therapy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University with a major in Psychology and minor in Counselling and Human Development. 

Denise has also taken Educational Psychology and Special Education courses at UBC and plans to pursue a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She spent the past summer working with the Enable OT team to assist with the First Aid Training Course, Swim to Survive Adapted Class, and Swimming & Occupational Therapy Camp.

Fun facts about Denise: She uses utensils with her left hand but does most other activities with her right hand. Denise enjoys snowboarding and taking hip hop and salsa dance classes.

Denise speaks fluent Cantonese.



Enzo is an 8-year-old Sharpei-Lab cross who absolutely loves being around kids - big and little! He is a rescue dog who has a very gentle and calm personality, and prefers interacting with people over other dogs. Enzo creates a calm and engaging atmosphere at the clinic and helps the team work with and motivate the kids, as well as providing emotional support to everyone who walks through the door.

Enzo is a pretty active dog and his favourite things are long walks, getting treats, naps, trying to chase squirrels, and of course - getting as much attention as he can!