Aquatic Therapy Team 

The aquatic team includes Certified Lifeguards and/or Registered Kinesiologists who work with clients at pools across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Learn more about the team and their specializations here! 

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Daniella Linde

Certified Lifeguard

Daniella is a certified lifeguard who grew up in Richmond. She was a competitive swimmer for over ten years and has been coaching swimming with the Richmond Rapids for the past couple years to share her passion and love for swimming with children.

Daniella aspires to study Biological Sciences in her post-secondary education and is very interested in the Neurological field of medicine. Therefore, she is extremely excited to be part of the Enable Occupational Therapy team where she can gain experience in this field while having fun and creating relationships with amazing children, adults and teens!

Daniella has two adorable miniature schnauzers, enjoys playing basketball, and has a passion for travelling the world.


Bronze Cross/Bronze Medallion
Standard First Aid
Assistant Water Safety Instructor
Water Safety Instructor
National Lifeguarding Pool
National Lifeguarding Waterpark